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We became familiar with this wonderful breed when a family member purchased a male from Dr. Martinez's ( the breed originator) family kennel in Argentina.  Like most people, who are unfamiliar with the breed, I mistook it for a nice looking pit bull pup. 

It was not long before we realized that this was not pit bull . His innate curiosity, constant use of his nose when exploring his environment and demand for human contact showed that he was something else and something very special at that.

By the time he was old enough to start serious basic obedience training, his eyes turned from a beautiful gray to a striking amber color. When he entered his group obedience class, he received admiration from most of the class participants who loved his cat-like gait, calm temperament and robust build with that white coat and black nose. He took to training with great eagerness to learn and to please. It was amazing how rapidly he learned. It was as if  he just wanted you give him the idea and he would figure the rest out.

It was not long before my wife and I decided that we had to have one of our own.  So we contacted the grandson of Dr. Martinez in Argentina to inquire about the availability of a puppy.  Fortunately, he had several available. We informed him of the what we were looking for and he recommended a female puppy that he taught would be perfect for us.  

A week later at 2:00am, we received a call from Los Angeles airport that she had arrived.  The 45 minute drive to the airport was filled with anticipation and concern on the impact that the 18 hour flight my have had on the puppy.

After arriving at the air freight terminal and signing all the necessary documents, a small shipping cage was brought out to us. The attendant commented on how well behaved she was and that he had taken her out to give her water and to make sure that she had not been injured. I immediately opened the cage thinking that I would find a scared little puppy crouched in the corner but to my suprise what came boldly popping out was to the contrary. After the 18 hour flight with a stop over in Panama what emerged was a bold, confident and self assured international traveler.

We were elated! We rushed to take the puppy home and get her settled in to her new environment. Having two male Jack Russell Terrier's already living with us, we had concerns about how our new addition would react to them and vice-versa.  Boy were we surprised. By the time we arrived home we had agreed that we would call her Vetta Fe. ( meaning trust and intelligents).  Our other dogs were kept away from her untill she had explored the yard and familiarized herself with the sleeping box we had placed in our bedroom.  Within a few hours she walked about as if she had been born here.  Her actions further re-enforced my beleif in the inate courage and self assurance of this breed. 

It was now time to introduce her to the rest of the pack. Our Jack Russells are true to there breeding and are small but very independent, determined and teritorial  dogs. During the normal dog-to-dog greeting ritual she did not shy nor did she show any aggression. She seemed to know that she was home and that this was where she belonged. Her and the youngest Jack Russel, Muppet, immediately became best buddies.  He took it upon himself to show her the ropes and she absorbed his teachings with vigor. Within days, she understood what behavior was expected at feeding time, where to go to relieve onesself and so forth.

Vetta had what seemed to be an uncontrolable desire for human contact. I consider this quality to be essential in training a dog.  This desire is something that I had to develop in other dogs I owned and trained. It is the basis upon which you get dogs to willingly respond to your commands. The only downside to it, was that when she sought your attention and you denied it, her determination led to her sinking those shar baby teeth into bare feet.  A sharp "NO" and rattle of a newspaper quickly cured most of this behavior.

At four to three months old, she was enrolled into a beginning obediance class. These classes are very beneficial for puppies becase it introduces them to a training regemine, lets then learn some basic commands and most importantly, exposes them to other dogs, strangers and the sites and smells of  unfamiliar surroundings.  After the class ,she had learned to ride calmly in the car,and the commands such as sit, down and leave it. Most importantly had learned how to act when out in the public. 
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