Mother: VETTA FE F.C.A.# 27387
Father: GAUCHO (Ripster)
The above pictures are just a sample.  As you can see these little ones are already demonstrating the traits of their breed.
Pricing :   Private Treaty
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In the tradition of the Martinez brothers,  great care taken and consideration given in selecting a male to breed to our female.  Our goal is to breed top quality healthy offsprings that are true to the Argentino Dogo breed standards. We understand that  most Americans desiring to own an Argentino Dogo will not be hunting them, as such, we value those qualities that will make our dogs great companion,guard and family dogs while maintaining all other qualities of the breed
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Othello was born May 10,2009.  From the time of his birth he demonstrated a strong since of self confidence and independence. As he grew and developed he proved to be a very self assuring dog that harbored a great sense for campanionship, loyalty and love for children.  Though this magnificant breed was created to be the consermate hunting dog, most people will purchase this breed for their beauty as family dogs. We believe that  Othello has the perfect temperment  for such a life and it is this traite we strive to pass on to his offsprings.